Social Media – Killer of Productivity

You might have listened or even participated in many debates like this, but this one is not like that because eventually you will have a clear thought, either social media is a killer of productivity or it is a great source of entertainment. If you ask me, I would say it is a killer of […]


Be Fearless

Fear. When it comes to fear, there are countless number of fear, and people associated with it. Facts says that every human living on this planet has at least one or many fears. Whether it be fear of animal, humans, rejections, taking risks, feeling left-alone, height, water, horror, social phobias… and the list goes on […]

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Need Motivation For Fitness?

I have seen many people especially college going students and high school students, whose emphasis is more on “Becoming cool”. In other words, becoming cool is the new cool, for that, they ride bikes which they cannot even handle or manoeuvre around, they smoke cigarettes, weed, do drugs and this might take us to places where […]