Humanity’s 30 Second Existence – The Cosmic Calendar


Whenever a person expires of old age and peacefully, we all say that he/she lived a long and happy life. The funny thing is that even if our lifespan can become of 1000 years even then we won’t live that long when seen on a cosmic scale.

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This article will take you on a journey from the beginning of our universe to the present. All of the time constraints will be shrunk to 1 calendar year which among the scientists is also known as our cosmic calendar. Before we begin on this journey, let’s put a perspective on the time. Each month of our cosmic calendar is more than 1 billion years and each day is a little less than 40 million years, even a single hour in this calendar is approximately 2 million years.


The Beginning is a place of nothingness. There is nothing in any direction no matter where you look. Although even if you were there you won’t be able to see anything because there is no light either. That’s when it began, the birth of our universe. That will be the 1st second of January 1st on our cosmic calendar.

The upcoming millions of years were nothing but a universe full of gas. The first galaxy as we know it came into existence on January 22nd which would be about 12.85 billion years ago. Galaxies formed and drifted in space all the time but the one we are concerned with came very late into the picture.

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The day is March 16 and a galaxy is starting to form that will give birth to us. Big masses of stars start to surround a black hole which will eventually become our galaxy’s centre. Although some people might think that our galaxy was formed pretty quickly when compared on a cosmic scale.

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The disk shape of our milky way has come to appear and the day is May 12th which is approximately 8.8 billion years ago. This is about the time when our Milky way galaxy started to look like it is today.

Nothing really interesting happened for a very long time until September 2nd when our solar system came into existence. Even if our solar system came into existence, it took life a very long time to form.


The day is September 14th and life is in the making. The first living organism appeared on September 16th on the bottom of the ocean. This marks the beginning of evolution as we know it. Even though it has been more than 3 billion years we as humans have not yet entered the picture. Although we just skipped over the Jurassic Extinction Event that happened on December 26th.

Our human history began on December 31st at 23:59:33, that’s all we are, a mere 27 seconds on the cosmic calendar. Everything that is taught in history classes around the globe happened in these 27 seconds. We are now in the last 0.5 seconds of our cosmic calendar and that is our modern history of the last 450 years.


It has now been a long enough history lesson so let’s end it here. Do comment down your thoughts down below.

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