3 Ways The Universe Could End


Everything that has a beginning also has an end. This proverb also applies to our universe. Although it is not soon but the end will surely come for our universe. Scientists across the world have theorized about how our universe will end & they have come up with 3 possible outcomes.

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Without wasting time, let’s get started and see what are the possible endings for our universe.

Big Crunch/Big Bounce

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As we all know that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. This makes the clusters of galaxies move apart from each other. This theory suggests that there will come a time when the expansion is no longer possible. At such time the only dominant force that will remain would be gravity. 

All the things in the universe will start acting according to the law of gravity. When nothing is pulling them apart, they will rush at each other due to gravity.

At first, nothing would feel odd. But, slowly black holes would start to feed on everything. The universe would start to shrink as everything will be devoured by the black holes. Near the end, there will be a time when only black holes will remain. At that time, all the black holes will begin to merge resulting in a super-massive mega black hole. 


That black hole will have the entire mass of the universe in it. At the end that black hole would devour everything, even itself and the universe will shrink to the size it was before the big bang. That is when it will start again, the birth of a new universe with another big bang.

Scientists believe that such a phenomenon has occurred before but is untraceable. If this theory is true then our universe may have undergone many rebirths and we would never be able to trace it.

Heat Death/Big Freeze

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This scenario is majorly based around entropy. Entropy is a phenomenon where every object tends to move toward an equilibrium according to its surrounding and reach its maximum entropy. 

For example, a hot cup of coffee comes down to the room temperature as it wants to be in temperature equilibrium concerning the room it is in. The same phenomenon applies to the universe as well.


As we know that everything emits some kind of energy may it be light, radiation or heat. Eventually, over a long period, all of the energy emission in our universe will become so low that it will be difficult for new stars to form and the stars that are living will die when their fuel is exhausted. 

All of this will eventually lead to a cold and dead universe which will continue to expand eternally. The black holes would be the last ones to die since they release a little amount of Hawking radiation. The universe will achieve maximum entropy.


Now before the comments fill in with people saying let me be clear “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. All the energy of the universe would be there but, it might outspread so thin that it won’t be sufficient for any star to form and without heat or light no life can survive, as far as we know although it may change in future.

The Big Rip

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This theory is one of the most depressing and also the most realistic one of them all. Since the universe is expanding and gravity does not seem to be affecting it. As time passes by the galaxies would move apart from each other.

 However, the inside of the galaxies would be affected much later since the gravity inside a galaxy is much stronger but, there would come a time when gravity won’t be able to keep a galaxy intact.

As the universe expands with an accelerating rate, theoretically there would come a time when the expansion of the universe will be faster than the speed of light. As this speed is reached, all the atoms in our universe will be ripped into its components. 


There won’t be any force in the universe will be able to compensate for such fast expansion. The result of such expansion would be a universe with only photons that are unable to interact with each other as the universe turns into an endless void.

Even though all of the theories are scary to think about. But, it is a possibility that humanity ends itself before the end of the universe comes knocking on our doors. So let’s focus on saving humanity so that we can reach the end of the universe and see as to which theory is right.

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