Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Hype is Real?


Samsung is preparing the launch of its latest Galaxy watch 3 and buzz is really high. The customers are expecting a lot from this new smartwatch considering how good the previous watches are. Although the device was seen in the FCC database 1-2 months back, we are not sure if it’s really an upgrade to the previous Galaxy watch or Active II.

The device may get launched in the month of July or early August according to sources. Even though the previous watches are a joy to wear, here are few things which we can expect from this newer or you can say an upgraded smart watch.


Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 leaks again - The Verge
Source: The Verge

Even though the previous watches have a nice decent display size, we really want a slightly bigger display this time. The smart watch might come with a rotating display which is not seen in any watches yet, so no information regarding this. The watch is expected to come in 2 variants one is 41mm and other is 45mm.



3 Ways to Increase your Galaxy Watch Battery Life by 12-24 HOURS! - YouTube
Source: YouTube

The Samsung watch Active II has battery which lasts around 24-60 hours depending upon the functions you are using. Battery upgrade is really needed this time. Bigger battery is expected this time since the display size is getting bigger and more functions are going to added.


Gesture Support

Samsung is preparing a big upgrade for its next smartwatch - PhoneArena
Source: PhoneArena

The watch is expected to come with a heck of gesture support. You just have to hover your hand over the Galaxy Watch 3 to activate Samsung’s virtual assistant instead of barking “Hey Bixby”. There might be a gesture support to control music playback, play/pause videos and more. Before the launch, the least we can do is just to expect the unexpected.



However, all these features will be seen on a newer Samsung Galaxy watch 3 as soon as the device gets launched. There are speculations of some other features apart from ECG, blood pressure monitoring, Heart rate sensor, sports tracking features etc. The buzz around the watch is really high and we are expecting some new and unexpected.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)

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