Social Media – Killer of Productivity


You might have listened or even participated in many debates like this, but this one is not like that because eventually you will have a clear thought, either social media is a killer of productivity or it is a great source of entertainment.

If you ask me, I would say it is a killer of productivity where you don’t get anything other than regret, also let me clear that I am not against social media I am active on all the social media websites and apps. It is merely out of an experience I am writing this.

Let me take you to my good old times where I used to switch between these apps and scroll over and over until I feel dizzy or my phone battery gets drained, then I would just plug in and again continue with my business. Oh what a busy day!!! and you know what happens when you are busy and someone disturbs you or calls you, you get annoyed and even lose your cool and in my case, it was my parents who used to call me whenever I am busy with my “WhatsApp”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” scrolling business. And just like how a normal person would react when he gets annoyed I did the same I behaved in a very unpredictable way like talking sarcastically, grinding teeth, making face, and whatnot.

And, then comes the regret where I think why am I doing this, what have they done wrong which leads to regret. Different people have a different story and eventually, they all have the same result which is regret.


I know you guys might be wondering what it has to do with productivity, Now I will tell you what successful people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates advises the young people, They both have a common piece of advice which says: To become successful, you have to Cut Yourself out from the social media platform as much as possible. Not just because it left you with regret but also it kills your productivity. Research has shown that an average person spends more than 144 minutes on social media per day simply scrolling and doing nothing. Also, depression in teenagers is mainly caused due to social media where they start comparing themselves to others, there are 1000 other reasons how it’s killing your productivity and you know it already then also you let them subdue you, which is pathetic.

Of course, social media has a bright side also where we all are familiar with campaigns like #Metoo and all but the fact is eventually they all are some of the other ways killing your productivity All I can suggest is see things yourself, For that, you just have to take a one day challenge where for the entire day you cut yourself out from social media and do something productive and believe me you will feel and attract contentment into life.

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By Bibin Thomas

In a reverie!!

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