The Greatest Book Of All Time. Have You Read It❓


Why is it the greatest book?

Why not so far have I read it?

Just chill and read. There are some fabulous facts about this book. This book is found to be about 2000 to 3000 years old and written about 1900 years ago.

Many people will think, “Is there ever the greatest book of all time?”. Many questions will spring from our minds all time? Why not so far?


It is written by 40 authors from a different timeline, and most of these writers never knew themselves, only a few did, I know this sounds crazy. But trust me to continue reading this article is going to be telling us why this group is the greatest and why you need to read it take note this is not a clickbait, it is reality. I know many of us will think of books like

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin,

A brief history of time by Stephen Hawkings.

The Antichrist by Albert Camus.

Medicine de apocryphal written by a Greek philosopher.

And from so many other authors like Leonardo da Vinci, Issac Newton, Pythagoras and many more.


What made this book so special? Here are the features.

Timeline, Events, Source, Authors, Content and Wisdom. This book is believed to be inspired by the what the Christians know as the “holy spirit”, part of the trinity, the one who is believed to be the creator of this planet. This book was solely written from inspiration. This book has some of the greatest events recorded in it and held a history of things that never happened anywhere or anytime. This book has record of the past, the present and the future, which is a mystery (only those who seek these mysteries diligently will find it). I regard this book as the greatest of all time because it has everything, every phenomenon which can ever happen in it, it has the future & it can not be overwritten or outdated.


This book contains all what man can ever need for survival. It contains wisdom, truth and mystery. It has the answer to every question anyone can ever ask on this planet. If you’ll ask me, I have begun the quest in reading this book and would have found the truth and the way.

This book is the BIBLE in which words flow from the fountain of life and the living water. The book has the record to be the most sold book all over the world at one time, possibly present times.

I know this is hard to believe or sounds like a myth for you reading this post, but I know when as many start reading this book you’ll have your questions answered.


If you have been reading our blogs, some of them are great and mysterious questions. Like,

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I will be so glad to tell you that you will find your answers in this book. 📖

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By flamemike

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