The Virtual World


Nothing remains the same. The world is going through a difficult phase. This pandemic is spreading drastically. It has shaken the foundation of the most powerful countries as well.

But, our needs show us the path of innovation and take us to a new world of technology. This virus has restricted the social interaction of people to people, and with our environment too. But the human mind has a solution to every problem, that too in a creative way. A virtual approach has been adopted to reduce the physical distance keeping social distancing in mind.


In the meantime, people have got a different enthusiasm to show something new by staying connected and to enhance their abilities. Nobody thought that today people will use the internet for even the smallest work. Whether it is a business meeting. Be it a school or creativity that one wants to shares with everyone.

Schools have started their apps or are using some other apps like zoom or google classroom. Daily activities like teaching, Studying, Homework, or assignments even the tests all schools are conducting everything online. This effective step is filling the education gap globally. It is a process of preparing people of all ages that is connecting them to this DIGITAL ERA.

People from weaker sections still unable to use these facilities but Once a new beginning has been made it will go to a great extent for sure.


Technology has made a bridge to fill the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Apps like Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. have already created a better version for smooth functioning. Even this technology has become a way to stay alert and updated about this crisis at every instant of time.

Are you feeling more connected with people than ever?

Believe me, today we are more connected to our family, friends, and colleagues like never before. With time, we forget to value our relationships. Living with our loved ones, learning and growing together is a different kind of feeling which was probably buried due to the cracked physical world.

One thing has to be accepted that if the phone is a body then the Internet is its soul. The Internet has become the backbone of the virtual world. We got to see more messages, video calls, conference calls, exploration of one’s creativity, online games, etc. during this period. But every coin has two faces along with this beautiful moment the world is going through suffrage too.


Is this a hard nut to crack? 

This pandemic has baffled the world economic system. From large to small industries or businesses have gone through an economic crisis during this period. We lost a lot of lives and probably in the coming times, many people will be lost their lives too. The time ahead may become worse, but it does not mean that we let our intentions be weakened. The data revealed by the government and social media signifies that Staying strong, updated, alert, and creative will help you to tackle this hard time. Even the whole is trying to get rid of this time in every possible way.

More than physical proximity, the world enormously needs mental support.


The digital tools can be more powerful if it is used in the right way. Be a Utilizer. Now the Virtuality is reality. Learn and grow with it.

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