Be Fearless


Fear. When it comes to fear, there are countless number of fear, and people associated with it. Facts says that every human living on this planet has at least one or many fears. Whether it be fear of animal, humans, rejections, taking risks, feeling left-alone, height, water, horror, social phobias… and the list goes on and on. Do you know the common thing about all this fear is that it is originated inside your brain and it remains there unless you face it?

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A famous person said, “We tip-toe through life hoping to safely make it to death”. Now this is what we can call as a loser’s mentality. If we look at history, times when we were all oppressed, some people buried their fears and amplified their voices and fought, as a reward they brought us Freedom. Surprisingly today also the reward is freedom, freedom from mental barrier, freedom from normal lifestyle and many other freedoms. Now I guess we can all agree on this point “On the other side of your fear is your freedom”.


But the question is whether to fear or not to fear?

This is something that you have to decide because there are people who run the opposite direction when they see a rat running around, and if that rat is in some particular room then that room is not a part of their house anymore. On the other hand, some people keep rats as their pets. Similarly, some people don’t want to take risks and they become a fan of those who have already taken a hell lot of risks.


5 steps to overcome your fear

1. Don’t let it become your habit

People often get used to the fears they have in their life, they completely surrender themselves into it and whenever they have to encounter a fear they would simply get away without facing it. Thereafter whenever they encounter a fear, they would simply play it safe. By doing so they make it as a habit and believe me not a good habit.


2. Make a decision

It is the time to make a decision and the most important thing you need to keep in mind while making a decision is that your decision should not become nebulous and ephemeral with time. You should stand with your decision no matter what the situation is, so the first decision I want you to make is, to fight your fear and make it disappear from your life.


3. Make your assumptions your weapon 

Does your faith in unknown is greater than your fear or your fear is greater than your faith in unknown?
Making assumptions as your weapon is a great way to overcome fear, suppose you have to create a youtube channel and you are already making assumptions. Assumptions like nobody will watch my content, if they do they will not like it, then negative comments, dislikes and what not and you will start saying to yourself, How stupid am I looking now, and then you will turn down the idea of creating a youtube channel. According to this step, you have to turn this entire assumptions around. For example, flip the last assumption into this, “How stupid will I look if I don’t create a youtube channel”.


4. Be in the moment

This is the most important step you need to follow because at this very moment whatever you are doing right now, you are not scared, But the moment you will start thinking about your problem, fear will start kicking in. The most significant thing you need to fight your fear is high energy, which you lose every time you think about your fear. whether it be doing public speaking or jumping off a plane you need to breathe into the moment and keep your energy high. Keeping your energy high at the moment will not only help you from falling prey to the fears in your mind but also it will help you to deal with whatever situation you have to face, that too in a much better way. Always remember-
Most of the time, it is much scarier in your mind than it is in reality.

5. Cut the crap

You need to be conscious about what books you are reading, what information you are gathering, what shows are you watching, blogs, news because when you feed your brain with such things it creates a greater impact on your brain in some or the other way. Especially when you are gaining nothing from it but hard times. so you need to be very particular about these things because staring at someone’s death will bring nothing to you nor it will bring that someone back to life or watching someone’s upsetting news will not help you in any way. If you want to help the world and yourself just keep the energy high and work from a place of power and joy.

“Our Greatest Fears Are Our Greatest Waste Of Time”

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By Bibin Thomas

In a reverie!!

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