~Let’s have fun together

Kids don’t need more toys, they need more ADVENTURE.


The adventure has the power to build up a character and it’s a need for the new generation to build up a magnificent character to achieve greater heights.

In a summer camp, many outdoor, as well as indoor activities, are conducted for children as well as adults. Time has a very high value to life and wasting time in such a long vacation is not a smart play instead why not learn in a fun way…summer camp is the most significant way to achieve that.
Sending a child to a new place is always been difficult for parents but is a must thing to do. We send a child to the school for the first parents to get worried but they are aware that schooling is essential for their child’s growth. Summer camp is not a different thing. During these vacation period children tend to forget the things they learned during the year and becomes lazy and falls back in their studies; to registering your child in a summer camp is way to avoid the future circumstances.


There are various advantages of a summer camp:
In a summer camp, a child will get to do his/her work themselves and will result in their independent behavior.
Their physical and mental activity increases in a fun way that sharps their mind.
Children learn to meet new people and accept their thoughts; no matter how different they are!
They learn new skills which will help them get to know the things in the world better.
It will help them develop a perspective for different things.
This will help them boost their self-confidence and will increase respect for nature in them.
There are different types of summer camps conducted in the whole world and basic types are listed below:


This type of summer camp opens up the opportunities for children to learn a sport to keep them physically active and will add up to their skill list.

These camps are focused on teaching children yoga techniques. Yoga is very well known as an important factor for a healthy life.

Help children in getting to know nature. These camps consist of many adventurous activities like rock climbing, mountain climbing, rafting, etc.

These camps are just a day long. All the activities are performed in the day time and then the children are sent back to their houses.
Many activities can be conducted in a summer camp; they can be physical, mental, or skill-based activities:
SPORTS: Different games can be included in a summer camp. These activities are the basic portion when the summer camp is of sports type. They may be indoor games like chess, carom, etc, or outdoor games like football, badminton, basketball, etc.
COMPETITIONS: Many competitions can be conducted to build up the challenging spirit in children. These competitions may be based on art, craft, dance, singing, etc.
TENT STAY: In this activity, children are allowed to explore nature.
SAND ART: This involves making different figures from the sand. Children love to make castles, palaces, and other structures from the sand.
DANCE: Different dance forms are taught to children. And, many more.


As the new generation is much more into technology and is less active physically their immunity becomes weak and is unable to fight against dangerous infections. Summer camps are a way to make them take interest in different activities in a fun way. This will increase their immunity and will sharpen their brains. These activities also help them to gain self-confidence and make them self-reliable. Though the decision may be quite difficult to make but will shape their future. A parent has to make some difficult decisions for the good of their child and this is one of them. Summer camps are a need for today’s generation.

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