The Secret Of The Nagas – Review

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Review by Yashika Gupta

In the ancient era, India was referred to as “Sone ki Chidiya” or “Golden Sparrow” because of its abundance in precious stones. But the real treasure lies in the ‘Puranas’ that are the source of knowledge and wisdom. The Hindu myths are religious story that Hindus consider true or have deep explanatory or symbolic significance. Puranas are the part of the Vedas that contain narratives about the Universe from creation to destruction and the genealogies of kings, sages, and deities. 

In the last decade, the Indian mythology has crossed the boundary from being limited to literati to being a part of popular fiction reads. This revolution has been bought up by a handful of writers who consider their work as worship in true sense. Among them is Amish Tripathi who is one of the most sought-after writers of Indian mythology and has given us a record number of initial rejections. He penned a novel without any writing experience and was tagged as “Paulo Coelho of the east” by Business World. His work “THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS” is heartily welcomed after the success of THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA.

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The book THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS starts from where the previous book left off. Starting over from where Sati was left under attack by a Naga, the episode turns into a dramatic action sequence. From there the story picks up and both start their journey to unravel the Naga warrior who killed Shiva’s friend Brahaspati. The prophesied destroyer of evil will not rest till he finds his demonic adversary. Vengeance is on Shiva’s mind. Can anything stop him? Is he ready to deal with any devil? Will the serpent Nagas be caught? All these questions need answers that are to be explored in their journey.

As the story unfolds, everything seems to be going out what Shiva and his people thought of. On the way, he faces strange challenges and extraordinary revelations which with time, club together to make sense of the events.


Revelation of characters- The revelation of certain characters will blow you in surprise. The way certain character deals with the situation is way too unexpected and that makes you fall for the character even more.   

The cliffhangers- The cliffhangers at the end of every book makes you vulnerable and urge to read the next book in quick succession.

Character development- The writer has improvised his character-building skills. The characters are dynamic that you don’t know how they would react to certain situations; thus, leaving behind curiosity among the readers.


The pacing is consistent throughout but a lack of adventure can be seen. But the book holds the capacity to involve the reader in it. The first book ended on a rather surprising note but the second book ends on a shocking one. The suspense in the middle of the book is really a turning point. By the time you read all this, you might think the book is done with its share of surprises and twists but no! There comes yet another secret revelation, and this changes everything.

It is a combination of sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, friendship, love and truth. The thrill and amusement beholds you at every single page. It leaves with a thirst to know ‘what happens next?’.

The beautiful way in which Amish takes the readers on the journey to the ancient Indian subcontinent are beyond words. He has perfectly blended his mythical imagination with the possibilities of the future. 


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