Why Lion Is Called As The King Of The Forest ?


Everyone calls Lion, the King of the wilds that rules over the whole animal Kingdom and holds its position at the top of the food chain. But what if I told you that its not true. Every Lion doesn’t become a King so here’s the story.

A lioness gives birth to 7-8 cubs and you might feel strange when you know that out of those 7-8 cubs only 1 or 2 cubs survive. Most of the cubs got killed by another beasts and some got killed by other lions. To become a king, a lion has to fight everyday to survive and to protect their family.

A Lion is not the strongest animal, or the fastest animal or the biggest animal yet it is a synonym for the king only because of one word and that is Attitude. A lion doesn’t hunt for fun, they hunt only when they are hungry. A lion has a different attitude which makes other animals afraid of him. It takes respect for anyone to become a leader and in forest fear means respect.

But what makes such massive animals respect such a small cat. The Attitude is the difference. Lets take an example to understand this. A lion sees an Elephant and only one thing comes to lion’s mind and that is LUNCH. And a lion acts the way he thinks.

But the story is totally opposite if you consider this from elephant side. An Elephant is bigger, stronger, more intelligent and yet when it sees a lion, the word which comes into Elephant’s mind, is KILLER. So attitude is the product of belief. You become what you belief and that’s why Lion is the king of the whole Animal Kingdom.


Apart from attitude there are some other major facts also due to which lions are the king of the forest. The Journey of a lion is also different from other animals living in the forest. Young lion has to leave its home and has to build its own empire. They travel to other regions of the forest where they have to challenge other prides in order to conquer them. So only powerful, healthy and intelligent lion survives and becomes the king.

Wounded Lion Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images
Source: iStock

Now the real struggle starts. After becoming the leader of a new line of family, A lion has to keep fighting the intruder lions almost everyday. A lion has to prove everyday that he is the king of the forest. He lives for the pride and dies for the pride. You must be amazed to know that average life of a male lion is shorter than a female lion.


A lion hustles everyday to do justice to its title “KING”. With big positions, comes greater responsibilities. You become what you believe in and that’s where your attitude comes from. You have to fight everyday to survive and even if the whole world tries to drag you down, criticize you, all you have to do is keep moving ahead with a big fearless heart like a lion.

“Don’t be scared of being alone because a lion doesn’t rule the jungle with sheep at its side”.

(Features Image Source: Lion Recovery Fund)

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