Can Science Prove The Existence Of God?


We all have had such experiences where we thought that this is the end of the line for us, but we got out of such situations unscathed. At the end of such situations everyone says that it was a work of God, but is it?

Coming from a science background it is hard for me to believe that any such thing exists that is all-powerful and omnipotent. Ever since science got introduced to us, we have made incredible discoveries on our planet and beyond.

Although the debate of whether God exists or not has been going on from so long that each side has forgotten when it started. The men of faith and atheists have always argued over the proof of God and neither side has ever been able to show any concrete proof for their argument.


The debate for God’s existence has sometimes become so strong that there have been many conflicts between the two groups resulting in many casualties over the past couple of centuries.

Whether God exists or not, both points remain that there is no concrete proof of God’s existence and yet there are also some things in our universe that can be explained by our science.

Some of the most popular unexplained phenomenons in our world are Dark Matter, The Bermuda Triangle, The Taos Hum, Deja vu and many more exist that suggest that there exist a world beyond our physical one. Even with such mysteries, we have been able to observe a universe that is 45 billion light-years in radius consisting of trillions of galaxies and an unimaginable number of planets that they may contain.

Whether God exists or not I think that it is helpful for people to think that there is one because it provides people with moral support. Whenever we are depressed we are comforted when people say that God will make all things right. Whenever we fail in something we always put our blame on God saying that it was God’s will. I don’t care whether God exists or not, I think it is better to let people believe that God exists because it suppresses chaos in our world and prevents people from being depressed and anxious, unable to be productive in their life.

So, what are your thoughts on the debate? Does God exist or is he a telltale told to kids by our previous generations. Do tell your opinions on the topic down below.

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2 replies on “Can Science Prove The Existence Of God?”

Early scientist were Christians but dey Neva proved e. g Ibn al-Haytham was an Arabic teacher n d first ever scientist but Neva proved it
Almost all metaphysians said dat no God
But in d same science we ave geo_centric which also talk about d creation n existence of God dey re d early philosophers

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