What Do You Think While Looking At Yourself In The Mirror?

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror? I know this question seems bizarre but the meaning hidden is way farther to the road.

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In this question, the word “looking” is not related to just see yourself in the mirror but looking yourself within; assimilating all the changes you have experienced till the second. The way you have successfully overcome all your fears and are standing in this position in your life.


Now close your eyes and remember all the thoughts you have while you are facing yourself in the mirror. Remember all the roads you wander while being in that position, is there more to it than just checking out yourself?

If you really just not check out yourself but have more content to the story then friend, I think you know the secret to be happy but if not, then guys you are missing something really big. Behind the curtains of your look there is a mysterious play going on and to enjoy the story of the play you need to look beneath the curtains. So, open the curtains and have the pleasure to be happy and enjoy a play called “LIFE” and not get distressed about it.


Millions of people in our world take their life and throw away the magic of breath due to the temporary problems. Many are suffering each day, continuing their lives in a boring manner. They are irritated with their lives but don’t do anything to improve it!

We all go through difficult times but eventually overcome it; the hardships is sometimes life-threatening but if we “look” around we will get the ways. “WE” are the way to overcome all the hardships; no one but WE will be able to get us out of the trouble. Just look yourself in the mirror and admire the courage, find your confidence and fight against all your monsters. No monster is strong then YOU.

Have you ever talked to yourself while looking yourself in the mirror? Have you thought about the ways to tackle the problem you are facing?

The problem with us is that we want others to just make our problems disappear magically; just swish and flick and SURPRISE! But to be honest, it’s impossible. We need to realize the situation and fight for the solution. We need to know ourselves, not just our hobbies, likes or dislikes but our strength and fears too. We need to get introduced well with our monsters living inside us and eating us up, changing us into a way different person.


The person in the mirror is not just the reflection of you but a possible way to talk to yourself face to face; a way to get all the answers hidden somewhere in you. Don’t just see whether you are presentable or not but look deeper and find your answers within because believe me no one can be more helpful to you than yourself.

Now you know one of the ways to feel the magic behind these breaths; don’t let the excitement vanish due to all the difficulties.


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