Plan Your Success Vision


What according to you is success? What would you do if you did not achieve your goal? How are you planning to reach your success? These are the various questions that most of us are asked daily either by our parents or by anyone around us. That is kind of crazy at times. But all of us surely have a dream life to be, whether we like it to share with someone or not.

Let’s talk about those dreams and visions of yourself and help you reach out to those dreams.

Make a note of your dreams:

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Success, a word that has the most value in our time nowadays everywhere. But to be successful is not a cup of tea for the one simply sitting and dreaming about having a great future ahead. To be successful you need to plan and work. But only hard work is not enough. You should be smart enough to envision the aim that you wanna achieve and work accordingly.

To plan your way, first, you must think of a target that has to be achieved at a particular time. Success doesn’t come to those who are napping all day in and night out, always try to have a clear vision of yourself and your target to be successful. Time is the key factor that makes you learn how much you have gained in a given period and how much more you need to do to get success. Plan with a pace and keeping an aim will never make you fail. And the one who wants to earn a high name and success in his life always has a vision of himself for his future. You can never uplift yourself if you can’t plan and visualize your beautiful dreams into reality.


Time is precious, we all have heard the phrase but very few of us implement the phrase in our life that in a way makes us a fellow person. First, learn to visualize yourself about your real worth, and for sure success will follow the lead by time.

The necessity to formulate a vision:

  1. You must know the true self you are to have a vision of your future
  2. Vision is basically how you want yourself to be in the next 5 or 10 years.

Success and failure are both sides of a coin. You can’t reach till success unless you meet failure in your path, you never need to give up on your dreams or say the vision you have created in your mind. Learn from the failure and make a better plan this time.

Recognize what went wrong and what you should do to tackle this problem.

Make a plan:

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Great visionaries like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, etc. believed in their dreams and had a plan to achieve it. To reach your needs you should have a plan on how to grab it. If you don’t plan on your move you won’t be able to get what you want. You will not be satisfied with the things you have unless you get what your inner self wants.

Making a proper plan includes various aspects like assumptions about the condition in the future on your way to success, tasks to be performed by the due time, and having enough resources for meeting your needs. You need to plan as per the presence of the things available for you and make a way to grow up through it.

Fix a time limit:

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To work on your plan is not the only thing, but you should also define a period in which you have to perform a perfect set of jobs. Fixing a proper time makes you understand what is your average capacity and how much more do you have to do to reach your success position.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the result of other people’s thinking”, says Steve Jobs.

All and everything you do should be under defined time duration and that will certainly result in making you successful.

Keeping a desire:

Success is different for everyone, for a newborn baby’s success is uttering his first words, for a high school student success is getting good grades, and for the adults, success may be having a job or business to earn enough to satisfy his parents and so on. It is your willingness to work which makes you keep going and work harder to get what you have planned for. Your willingness pushes you to run an extra mile to reach your success. If you lose your interest in it you can’t get it, so it’s very much important to have perpetual interest in what you want and so you walk on success like a man.

Compare your work to your vision:

You can’t simply keep walking on a road without any direction or any knowledge about the path. The same is your way to success, your actions shall match your plan which you have created to reach up to your goal. Any deviations in your performance shall have to be eliminated and worked in a better way to give you the best output of whatever you do. Follow your will with the time limit you have defined.


Don’t compare yourself with others because everyone has a different energy and willingness to do so, you are an elite of your kind. To be the best you need to focus on yourself i.e. your inner self and understand that you are not filtered to be like someone else. Success comes when you know your worth and ready to improve your skills and outshine it to the world.

Have patience and confidence, never feel disheartened onto how somebody else judges you. Because nobody else can define you except for you.4

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Guest Blog By – Deepankar Singh

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