Myths Associated With Online Poker


Online poker is quite a rage among the digitally connected youngsters of the modern world. Not only the online mode of poker has facilitated extreme interconnectedness but also helps in competing globally and attaining new skills of the game everyday.

Once a player creates an account for himself, he is ready to establish himself as a poker champ. The popularity of the game can be easily assessed by the number of tutorials dedicated to improving skills for the game. The cherry on the top of this high tech online game is the exciting cash rewards.


No doubt, the online poker game is on everyone’s mind but recently, several minds have been conflicted due to myths surrounding this game. Let us read this article to understand what these myths are and how they have been impacting the poker crowd.

Myths Surrounding Online Poker

1.  Online Poker is fixed or premeditated

Online poker has often been in the controversy because of fake calls that state the platform as fixed or preconceived. These calls were often an attempt by losing players to deter players from further frolicking on the platform.

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People tend to lose on the game because of their poor skills and such an attempt by players reflects the number of inexperienced individuals on the platform.

2.  Only the best players win

The online poker community is marked by a huge crowd of good as well as bad players. In a single match, the probability of winning a good as well as a bad player is 1/2.

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However, the greatest number of victories is often the territory of a good player. Hence, the common belief that good players win all the matches is quite untrue as there is a fair chance of anyone losing or winning.

3.  Bluffing backs the game

Bluffing is good only when a player has substantial reasons to bluff. A full game bluffing is only going to crush your hard-earned wallet money.

4.  Read the rival’s face

The strategies of the game are not written over the rival’s face on the face cam but rather on the poker table. Players focusing on their opponent’s face are doing nothing but rafting towards their loss.


5.  Get ready for a curse if you hijack your wallet

This is probably one of the daftest myths associated with Online poker. Players often believe that if they try and shell out money from their poker wallet, they are inviting some hard-hitting bad luck for themselves.

Cash vs. Credit Card: Which Should I Use? |

The individual might end up with even less money. However, this myth has been circulated only to scare potential winners from bagging their prize money and weak players ending up as hijackers of the platform.

Final word

Online poker community often condemns such myths to attract participants across the globe. However, it is important to educate oneself about the rules and regulations before one ends up caught in the circle of myths and assumptions. Also, any form of illegal practice on the platform should be reported immediately to avoid potential anarchy.

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