Ideation Of Suicide


You may find it weird if I say let’s talk about suicide. The hidden story behind the suicide will amaze you once you discover out the explanations for ending your own life. It has become a leading cause of death globally.

Suicide : A Path of Self-Destruction

It is the act of taking one’s own life intentionally. A desire, will or a nightmare to stop breathing, quit talking.


Everyone has their own story, every chapter of that story features a hell. The suicidals may find it difficult to tell. The level of difficulty depends on our mental strength. People who commit suicide doesn’t matter whether he is rich or poor, old or young they just deliberately contemplating, attempting or seeking a means to exercise this dangerous act. This suicidal wave is increasing dramatically all over the globe .sadly this is most common among the youth, who are the foundation of any country.
Every country is facing the crisis of suicide that is an immense loss of our human civilization. By taking a few realistic steps, the solution can be extracted. But before looking over the solution, we need to go to the depth of the problem.

Why do people find dying easier than living life?

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Scientifically, it is evident that emotional pain is equivalent to physical pain. Our brain detects both emotional and physical pain in the same way.

External injury does not hurt as much as internal injury

-Swati Shrivastav


There could be many reasons from an individual point of view. Here are some crucial causes:

1. Major psychiatric illness – Like mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder).

2. Anxiety – Stress from personal relationship, work, school and family. It can cause agitation, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tense muscles and trouble sleeping.

3. Death of loved one – The sorrow of losing loved one gives a dreadful impact on the mind. One needs to be mentally well-built to deal with such situations.

4. Loneliness – The feel of being alone takes people to the lost world.

5. Losing will to live – Leaving the will to live tends to detach oneself mentally, physically and socially.

6. Unable to face failure – Everyone teaches the lesson of success, but no one talks about how to face it if you lose.


  • Negative thoughts
  • Doubting own ability
  • lack of interest
  • Signs of depression
  • Distances from family and friends.
  • Spending most of time alone.
  • Desponded

This step shouldn’t be taken by anyone. Maybe, we are responsible for this. You may wonder what I am talking anent? Yes, our carelessness, rudeness and the nature of superiority can hurt anyone.

“Actions says louder than words, beware it can hurt “

-Swati Shrivastav

How To HELP?

  • Share your feelings with your friends and family.
  • Let everyone know if you have something to tell.
  • If you are not good at saying , pour out your words in diary
  • Use the SOCIAL MEDIA platform to convey your message to hundreds of people within a snap of finger.
  • Watch your words because it can give scars which takes a lifetime to be healed and there is no remedy for it either.
  • Be kind and polite to everyone and to yourself too.
  • Start interacting with the surroundings.
  • Consult the doctor if you have depression and anxiety.

A Message

Do not commit suicide. It would end not just one life but all lives associated with it.

Sad to hear
The heart rolled into tears
We lost a precious life
Who is apple of his parents eye
Death only ends the one’s life
But suicide kills the family deep inside 💔
Life is like a single dot but we have to struggle a lot to get that peaceful slot
Leaving the battle of Life… Doesn’t mean taking ‘The path of suicide’
We need to be more polite towards the people going through the depressing phase of life
You never know what kind of hell one going through in their life
Maybe your kindness will prevent one from ending life.

-Swati Shrivastav
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We need to talk about this.. Do not hesitate let’s talk!

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this is too much great 🤗🤗
Nowadays lot of people doing suicide cause of anxiety those people must read it to motivate themselves

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