The Invisible Man



The Invisible Man is a 2020 psychological horror film based on a popular fiction novel “The Invisible Man” by H.G(Herbert George) Wells issued in 1897. The novel’s story follows the life of a scientist called “Griffin” who committed his life towards researching about “optics”(a branch of physics the deals with the behavior and properties of light) and finally invents a way to manipulate a body’s refractive index to that of air so that it neither absorbs nor reflects light and thus becomes “invisible”. He although successfully becomes invisible but fails to turn back to normal, the following story narrates(in third person) that how Griffin misuses his invisibility power. The film is based on similar story but have it’s own modernized plot.


Invisibility- The Concept

So, the first question that comes in our mind is invisibility really possible and even in fiction how did H.G Wells explained it through scientific facts? The answer is here is simple H.G Wells used the basic concept of “Reflection”. Griffin, the scientist who researches in the field of “Optics”, a topic in physics that studies the behavior and properties of light plus it’s interconnection with matter(matter is any object that has mass and takes up space by having volume) and building of equipment(like microscope, telescope, etc.) that use or sense light. Griffin uses all his knowledge of optics and discovers a way to alter a body’s refractive index(a dimensionless number that calculates how quick light will advance through the body) to that of air’s refractive index so that the body neither consume nor throw back light thus becoming fully invisible.


The Film

The Invisible Man is a 2020 science fiction horror film written and directed by “Leigh Whannell”. Leigh Whannell is an Australian screenwriter, actor, film producer and film director, His best know for writing films like Saw(2004), Insidious(2010), Insidious Chapter 2(2013) and with Insidious Chapter 3(2015) “Whannell” made his directorial debut.

“Leigh Whannell” although took inspiration from the novel itself, but added some crucial issues like abuse, stalking, etc. The film follows the life of a woman who has suspects that she is being stalked by her abusive and affluent boyfriend(who is an optics engineer) even after his presumed suicide. The following story reveals that , the woman has understood the way her boyfriend procured the skill to become invisible and now she has to proof it while also escaping from him. The film also shows us indirectly that our online life is never secured and our personal data can be breached at anytime.


The Main Cast

Although the film had not a very well known star cast but due to it’s story line and acting done by all the characters(leads, sides, and even the background artists) made this film 5th highest grossing film of 2020 till now. For the main role of woman who was stalked by her abusive and rich boyfriend “Elizabeth Moss” was cast as”Cecilia Kass”. Elizabeth Moss a well renowned American actor known to be the “Queen of TV”(She has been honored with two Emmy and Golden Globe awards)

Further moving on to the cast, for the role of “Adrian Griffin”(an optics engineer and businessman) who abused and stalked his girlfriend(Cecilia) “Oliver Jackson – Cohen” was roped. Oliver is an English origin actor and model. He rose to fame with Netflix horror series “The Haunting of Hill House”(where he played the role of a drug abuser).

“Aldis Hodge” was selected to play the role of “James Lanier” a police detective who was Cecilia childhood best friend. Aldis Hodge is an American noted for his role in crime drama series “Leverage”.


Side Cast

Storm Reid MTV 2018.png
Storm Reid (Sydney Lanier, James teenage daughter)
Harriet Dyer - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays
Harriet Dyer(Emily Kass, Cecilia Sister)
Patriot Star Michael Dorman Took a Risk and Won - Film & TV - NZEDGE
Michael Dorman(Tom Griffin, Adrian’s brother and lawyer)

The Invisible Suit

The Invisible Man: Every Time Adrian Is ACTUALLY Wearing The Suit
Invisibility Suit(Designed by Alex Holmes)

In the novel’s plot “Griffin” the scientist invents a way to manipulate a body’s refractive index to that of air so that is neither absorbs or reflects light making the body invisible by naked eyes. Modernizing the plot, Adrian Griffin(an optics engineer and businessman) designs a suit using his optics knowledge making the wearer of the suit invisible. Production Designer “Alex Holmes” intended on making the suit look more visually scientific so he created a outfit with cameras implanted all over it with a hexagonal design(hologram look). Alex even went to the University of Sydney to learn more about the invisibility concept.

Jim Rabeau (right), a physics professor at Sydney University, with The Invisible Man's production designer Alex Holmes.
Jim Rabeau (right), a physics professor at Sydney University, with The Invisible Man’s production designer Alex Holmes

Verdict: Is the film Worth Watching?

So, the last question that comes in the mind of a reader of the novel by H.G Wells. that is the movie worth to invest time in or is it another copied visual version of the novel. Well in my opinion, the movie not only raises social crimes like stalking and abusing that are needed to be adhered at times like these but also it offers a thrilling ride for the audience engaging them with suspense of turn of events. The movie gives a spine chilling circumstance where the audience is left with goosebumps.

So, in my opinion if you want to see something new and exhilarated with a cast full of breathtaking performances that will refresh your minds in this quarantine time, Invisible Man is a must watch.

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