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Apple iPhone SE 2020: Is It Worth The Hype ?


Being known for setting the standards in mobile industry, Apple Inc. has always amazed everyone while releasing a new device. It’s almost 15 years since the company launched their first phone ROKR E1 and till now the company is achieving new heights with every product they come up with. The latest in the offering is the second-gen iPhone SE 2020 which the company announced in April, 2020.

iPhone SE (2020) review: A lot of iPhone for a little bit o' money ...

With their previous devices, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the expectations were skyrocketing with iPhone SE 2020. However, the company breached everyone’s trust as soon as they launched the SE 2020 version. You can easily recognise how outdated the device seems as per 2020 standard.

Based on our review, here are some major drawbacks of the latest iPhone SE 2020.


  • According to most of the users we have interacted with, design is the key element which decides if you should consider any device in your bucket list or not. It’s 2020 and almost all the devices being launched have a nice display. Even the cheaper devices in the mid-range segment have some promising design language.
Source: GSM Arena
  • Recently, we got out hands on the latest iPhone SE 2020 and it doesn’t give the feeling of a 2020 device. It seems like you are using an older generation one with new software under the hood. The bezels are so large that it makes the device looks much ugly than it is. Surely, this time Apple wasn’t able to hit the ball out of the stadium.


Honestly, no one was expecting a single rear camera with the iPhone SE 2020 model. Only god knows what was the thought process behind Apple’s motive to launch a device with a single rear camera.

iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11 Pro - YouTube
Source: YouTube

The rear camera detailing was good considering the apple’s standards. But again the effectiveness of a Telephoto lens will still be missed.



  • It is not even logical to buy or to recommend anyone the iPhone SE 2020. The base variant comes with a price tag of 42,500 INR it goes up to 58,000 INR for the 256 GB model.
Apple iPhone SE 2020 India prices for all storage variants ...
  • The pricing must be in the range of 30, 000 INR to 35, 000 INR. There’s no point in buying the 256 GB version which costs around 58,300 INR as there are other devices which you can go for. It should be priced nearly to the iPhone 7 which is still selling.


These are some major flaws in Apple’s latest iPhone SE 2020. However, keeping the SE’s software in mind, there is nothing to complain about. It comes with the latest A13 bionic chip which is a total beast. In our review unit, doing multi-tasking was just a breeze. You can easily run plenty of applications in the background and can easily switch between them without a lag. But again, it’s design and price which attracts the audience.

So that’s our review regarding the Apple’s latest iPhone SE 2020 model. If you like our review then give it a like and you can also follow us on our social media handles.

(Featured Image Source: Android Authority)

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