The Immortals Of Meluha | Book Review


The Hindu mythology has always been a topic of interest and curiosity all around the globe. We are filled with the treasure of great warriors, their resounding stories and their enigmatic characters. Their existence can’t be ignored since they have left us with the live evidence after their extinction (departure) from this “Bhu Lok”


The reason behind the popularity of such divine tales is that they offer something to everyone. The mythological thrillers have become a genre in themselves with more and more writers giving wings and words to their thoughts and imagination. While considering all the great writers for their wonderful work we have now come up to India’s first Literary Pop Star- Amish Tripathi. He is famous for the Shiva Trilogy. His trilogy “THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA” focuses on a man’s journey and how he turns out to be the legend.


The premise of this book is a story set in ancient India during the Indus Valley Civilization. The inhabitants of that period called it the Land of Meluha created by Lord Rama. India was then divided into two empires- the Meluhan Empire which is ruled by the Suryavanshis and the Swadeepean Empire which is ruled by the Chandravanshis. These two empires don’t get along. The Suryavanshis believed that they can get rid of the evil Chandravanshis is with the help of a saviour they called the Neelkanth. And then enters Lord Shiva who might be that saviour they were seeking for centuries. He with a bunch of his mates goes on an adventure and tries to live up with this legend. The story goes on and starts weaving the unanswered questions within self. Is Tibetan immigrant Shiva, really their hero? What is he suppose to do? Will, he able to make peace? Are Chandravanshis evil? If not, what is evil? Drawn by destiny will Shiva lead the Suryavanshi vengeance?

Though fabricated but very well conceptualized story; weaving together the history, geography and mythology it comes up with a book to have your eyes on. This serves as food to your soul although leaving behind a thirst to know more. The more you devote the more you crave.

The world-building– the details into which the writer has gone into; rules and history of the land he created; is way too wonderful. His diligence in explaining why certain things happen, the description of every city visited, the way they are governed, their people; all seems very interesting. It gives satisfaction to see that he is not been superficial about those characters in the book.


The pacing- the writer Amish Tripathi have a good knowledge about the speed with which the story goes on. The story is slow and detailed when it had to be and fast and action-packed when it had to be.

The story is easy to understand yet you are left with a lot of enthusiasm. At every other point, you feel curious why certain things happen, why one behaves so. All the questions will be answered at the right time.

Like any other book, this book too faces some flaws. The repetition of certain phrases might annoy you and spoil the dedication. But with the pleasure that book recites they can be ignored.

The writer has brought up all the elements of Shiva’s character-care, compassion, wisdom, depth in thoughts, solitude and what not. Though the story goes long but every single page can bring the whole picture before your eyes.


The writer Amish Tripathi is very well versed with all the talent to create a masterpiece Shiva Trilogy. His devotion to his work is marvellous. His devotion to his work is marvellous. The book “THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA” attracts the readers from all around the world. He has perfectly blended his mythical imagination with the possibilities of the future. This book truly fits well in one’s must-read list. The work created by an Indian writer is far more appreciable.      

The universe bows to Lord Shiva
I bow to Lord Shiva

(Featured Image Source: Yashika Gupta, Live In The One)

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[…] In the last decade, the Indian mythology has crossed the boundary from being limited to literati to being a part of popular fiction reads. This revolution has been bought up by a handful of writers who consider their work as worship in true sense. Among them is Amish Tripathi who is one of the most sought-after writers of Indian mythology and has given us a record number of initial rejections. He penned a novel without any writing experience and was tagged as “Paulo Coelho of the east” by Business World. His work “THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS” is heartily welcomed after the success of THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA. […]

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