Time: The Killer and The Healer


Everyone can relate to this in many different ways afterall, everyone has a journey of life with so many experiences, different perspective and different vision.


The path of life is not always full of flowers, there are some thorns in it.

– Swati Shrivastav

We need to accept this fact with an open heart that time is not the same, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad.

We all have a box of good and bad memories. Time always converts itself into a memory like this instant time will also change in the past and will only remain in our memory. I hope this reading will be a better one.


Time – The Killer

KILLER – something that kills. Have you ever thought what really kills you?

  1. Your Past
    It’s not the time you are living in present… It’s your past that kills you from inside. One wrong move can shake the foundation that can leave a bad impression on your mind. But, it is not always the fault of time, this is the fault of the utilizer.
  2. The Fear
    Time will be worst killer when you spend all the time in thinking what’s next?
    As the time goes on, it increases the heartbeat and will take your breath out, once the time slips by hand like sand.
    An underlying cause of this is, Anxiety, a restlessness and mental stress due to any reason maybe the scars from the past.
  3. Negligent Nature
    Be a utilizer. Try to get the best out of it. Management of time is in your hands. The results will amaze you once you start doing it. Otherwise, either you will learn on time or the time will teach you.

Never take time for granted because every second counts.

– Swati Shrivastav

Time – The Healer

Time has so much potential that it can fill the biggest wounds in a few moments as time goes on. Time has two aspects and every bad time is followed by a good time.


Spiritual Healing
The practice of balancing and controlling our spiritual soul. It is the natural healer which gives you an inner strength and provides serenity and bliss to the mind. It encourages, motivates and makes connection between the mind body and soul.
There are six different kind of spirit healing:

  1. Magnetic Healing
  2. Absent Healing
  3. Distant Healing
  4. Near to the body healing
  5. Contact Healing
  6. Trance Healing

Spiritual healing is something that not only cures your illness or mental health but also, it emphasise on emotional part too.

What is happiness? Finding peace of mind and in our heart through thoughts, beliefs and desires.

Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude

– Denis Waitley

You actually don’t need anyone, you can heal yourself. Don’t let yourself get lost in this showy world. This healing energy lies inside you. Know your worth. Love yourself let’s start perceiving thy self.

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