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5 Steps To Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime And Scams


Over the decades, Cyber Fraud and Cyber Crime have risen at a very high rate, from credit card fraud to identity theft and cyber bullying happen on the internet now because people use the internet more often than before. Many of these frauds happen due to human being carelessness and negligence. Since the advent of the internet, cyber crime has been a rampant and present-day act. Here are some of the ways how one can protect themselves from cyber fraud and scam:

Be Confidential


Nowadays many people tend to give out their personal information to anyone on the internet or fill any forms on the net. Personal information shouldn’t be given out on the internet, because of identity theft, some people steal your identity and use it to extort you or even get you into trouble, it is very dangerous and harmful, many of these criminals use this information against us. Before giving out any information, we must be able to decipher the Genuity of the person or body we are giving it information to, so we have to learn to how to protect our identity.

Don’t Share Transaction Information


This is another major aspect where people fall victim, a great percentage of many businesses organisation or people who tend to sell goods on the internet are vague, a handful of them are criminals, so our transactions should only be done on trusted sites like Amazon, Aliexpress and many more and not on social media like Facebook, Instagram. Those are social media, not a transaction medium, they can only serve as an advertising medium.

Use Antivirus Software


Many of these software are a scam, they bring a popup message on our computer telling us like 545 viruses detected, and you start seeing a progress bar moving, the truth is a lot of graphic design has done, so you’ll think it’s genuine. So. It will demand you to pay to save yourself from the danger.

Connect To Secure Networks


We should take the sole responsibility of guarding our internet ( though it’s a connection of interconnected computer) be a cyber security for yourself, by taking simple precautions. Failure to do that makes us vulnerable, so we have to take simple precautions like, covering our webcam, going offline when the computer is not in use.

Safely Using Credit Card


Your credit card means a lot to you and you can’t afford to share that information with anyone, be careful when making any transaction involving your credit card on the internet. Lastly, report any suspicious activities to the government.

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