FAREWELL- An Official Goodbye


Batch 2020 missed the magical event!

A good bye to all the assignments, a good bye to the exams, a good bye to those boring teacher’s lectures, a goodbye to those lunch break parties, a goodbye to those 12am birthday parties, a goodbye to the best part of life.

Farewell is a word that itself depicts goodbye but here, I am particularly talking about college farewell. This event is a get together that starts with happy faces and ends with tearful eyes. Initially, everyone is excited about the end of all the sufferings but as time passes, they realize that they will miss going through these sufferings together.


Have you ever imagined about a situation happening with all your heart and then suddenly the universe conspires against you, and now you are left with your imaginary situation and the wish to live it? Have you ever felt that way? Batch 2020 is suffering from this horrific situation. This pandemic took the opportunity from this batch to get to know the feeling of saying goodbye to a place where they spent years, to those canteens where they bitched about the mess food, those hostel rooms where they turned on their music to the full volume and danced like monkeys, to their partners in crime and the list goes on…

If you are a college student you can feel me but if you’re not, let us go on a trip to get to know the college life…be with me and imagine every line (college students and the pass outs can remember their memories and connect).


The first phase of the college is the Precollege phase: It’s not exactly the collegebut it’s the time when you know that you are about to go to college, yes, you are right its the last year of school. Currently, we all save things to do after we get into the college, we imagine our college life just like a Bollywood movie. The heroic entry, the trips, bunking the classes, the people proposing you on valentine’s day (oh come on, everyone imagines that), no more college uniforms etc. This is the phase for our imaginations to grow.

 Then comes the second phase Admission phase and the first year: College students and pass outs do you remember the time when each of you was worried for your admissions. Everyone was running from one college to another to get your name in the admission list. It was a tiring experience, both physically and mentally. But we all miss that time.

Imagine the first day you enter the college, all your imaginations of that heroic entry are now like a broken glass. As there are no such things like a heroic entry in the college on your first day (school students don’t stop imagining that’s a different kinda fun!) instead you might run into your seniors and then the RAGGING starts. Yeah, ragging is banned but here it’s called an introduction…and trust me it’s not that bad!


In the first year, you make a ton of friends. You have your gang now and you are so ready to mess the college. You plan to go for group study, starts with the first chapter but after a line or two you just end up with a stomach-ache (you are just tired of laughing!). The food in the mess is something no one likes; you hate it and just eat to live but the party goes on in the canteen. With the funny situations like these, the life goes on and you enter a new phase.

The third phase i.e. Second year: Till now you have lost some of your friends, the gang is small now. Yeah, it’s sad how you lose your friends but eventually you will learn how to live without them it’s not that painful how it looks. Now, the people you are left with are the one’s you are gonna annoy and get annoyed with. You enjoy the midnight birthday parties, you fight, but resolve the problems and go back to normal. You start to share your feelings with your friends, they help you to come out of that painful breakups, you go on dates etc.

Then comes the fourth phase i.e. Third year: Now you have changed so much, I can’t stop laughing. You were once a studious and innocent child but now you are no more that child. You have grown up into a person who may be diligent in front of people who don’t know you that well but in front of your friends… um! You can be compared to the naughtiest monkey on this planet. An introvert has now turned into a gossiping human with friends by your side. You would have never imagined this side of yours, but it existed somewhere deep in your heart.

This phase is the saddest part i.e. Last year… the last phase of college: You once hatted this place can you imagine it? No right? Whatever you do only one thought goes around your mind… how will I manage things without these monkeys?? How will I forget this place?? Where will I go to get this kind of paratha?? Where will I find these half-baked chapatis made in a hostel mess?? You start to realize that you will miss everything.


Then a precious day comes, FAREWELL, you dress up for a get-together, you plan to dance all day and eat all the tasty food. You go there, do what you planned and enjoy the function and then there is a time when the function is gonna get over soon and you realise it. Your heart is pumping heavily, and you have no idea how to deal with it. Tears are ready to roll down your face and suddenly you have an urge to hug your best friend. There starts the magic, you are crying as you are leaving this place, you promise each other to meet now and then. Some of you have jobs, some have admissions in a prestigious college and the left-out people are just going home for whatever they have planned for their future.

FAREWELL is a very important part for a college-going student as after this they don’t know exactly when they are all gonna come together and enjoying like old times and at present Batch 2020 is gonna be deprived of this opportunity. Sadly, they will never get to know the feeling of farewell. Some of them does not know what they are losing, some of them are trying to be strong and some of them are realizing this pain. No one knows when this pandemic will get over and the lives will go on as they, but we know everything will surely get back to the way they were, but this Batch will never be the same as others. They never got the chance to say GOODBYE!


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Each and every thing, every moment mentioned in this is related to our lives.
The experience of transforming from introvert to extrovert, sharing our problems, guiding friends and a lot.
Finally it’s a nice blog and heart touching.

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