Will Sony Make Comeback in Indian Smartphone Market?


Sony, one of the best brand in the world known for the best sound, electronics, gaming and cameras was founded in the year 1946. Since then, providing the best to its audience in terms of everything. It is one of the facts that the first product launched by Sony Electronics was “Rice Cooker” which was a massive failure and sold less than 100 units in the market. But after that failure, the company had outlasted all the fields from bringing enriched sound to the beautiful entertainment industry.

In mid-2019, Sony announced to exit from the Indian smartphone market as Sony was facing hard competition from other competitors from China, South Korean and American market. Sony had less than 0.01% of the total market share in the first quarter of 2019 and was suffering huge losses for years in a row. Sony mobiles are one of the outstanding mobiles in terms of design and specifications. Almost 51% of smartphones have sony cameras in them producing high-quality images. Even, Apple having the biggest smartphone market share in the world are equipped with Sony camera and sensors. Also, Sony mobiles were not sold in good numbers because of its expensive price. People preferred to buy Apple and Samsung in the premium range rather than Sony.

Is it coming back in Indian Smartphone Market?


Sony has a loyal fan base since the Sony mobiles appeared in the market. If you will ask any Sony user about their mobiles, I’m sure they’d loved it. Sony leaders have always quoted that Sony never compromised on the hardware that is why these mobiles are not affordable.


After exiting from American and Asian market, Sony quoted, “We will continue to monitor the market situations and business feasibility in the country to launch back the smartphones in the Indian market”. But, Chinese and South-Korean players are currently dominating the Indian Smartphone market. This makes a little chance for Sony mobiles to make a comeback in the Indian market.

Comment down your Sony smartphone experience with us in the comment section so that we can get to know what you loved the most in Sony smartphones.

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