Why Do People think Meditation is a Good idea?


“Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, from a limited identity to unlimited space.”


Meditation is one of the ancient practice originated in Indian subcontinent thousand years ago and is considered as a spiritual activity to achieve calm and purification of the mind. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam are 5 major religions which are known to practice meditation from a very long time.


Meditation helps to alleviate stress, enhance awareness, decrease anxiety and boost compassion. In the era of smartphone and technology the ability to focus is more depleted, the technology in our pocket has stolen lots of our idle moments, we all are somewhere lost in the world of technology and this continual distraction have a bad impact on the ability to focus and sometimes our mind gets full of negative thoughts and anxiety. Here comes the importance of meditation, mindful meditation may provide treatment for our shrinking focus and doing meditation in a right manner also helps to bring our inner peace.


Meditation makes you feel more grateful, improves concentration, encourage compassion and mindfulness. It can be of many types like Mindfulness Meditation which trains you to focus on what you are thinking and feeling at the moment, Loving Kindness Meditation that allows you to focus your energy to feel the warmth of love and kindness, Spiritual Meditation which allow your inner self to connect with something deeper than your being. Vipassana Meditation helps to transform yourself into a better person. And, some of the physical benefits of Meditation are it helps to improve sleep, energy levels and also helps with weight loss and better general health.

Benefits of Doing Meditation regularly are:

  1. Gratitude-You start to slow down and take notice of the beauty all around you.

2. Love- You see yourself in others, making it easier to love them.

3.Concentration- You find it easier to focus, making you more productive.

4. Better Sleep- Meditation promotes deeper and more restful sleep, and also make falling asleep easier.

5. Higher Self-Confidence Meditation helps us to overcome moments of self-doubt and boost our self-esteem. Since, it helps us to stop the flow of negative thoughts.


Your mind is your weapon. Learn to be its master, not to be its slave.

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