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Study Abroad Roadmap & IELTS Exam


Are you planning to study Canada? If yes, then you are at the right place to know how you can start your beautiful and mesmerizing journey of studying in Canada.

Why Canada?

Canada is a very beautiful country which is amongst the top three countries with the highest life expectancy rate in the world. Canada has itself satisfied everyone in every respect whether it be a tourist, student, or employee. With its magnificent structures, eye captive scenic views, and bitter winters. This country has a lot of opportunities for every age group. It is becoming one of the hot destinations for students across the globe because of its high standard education quality and Recognised Universities with massive research funding’s.


Roadmap to follow:

If you want to achieve your study abroad dream the most important thing which you need to deal with is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). IELTS is an exam which tests your English skills. It gives you a score out of 9. We have two different kinds of IELTS test available

1. Academic

2. General

1. Academic

The Academic IELTS is usually given by those who wants to study in any other country where English is their first language. The key things which every university checks for Academic students is they should get a good band score in Reading and Writing module of the exam. As these are the key sections for a student to excel.


2. General

The General IELTS is suitable for those who are willing to start their journey as an employer in any foreign land or wants to apply for the Permanent Residency/citizenship. They usually more focus upon the Listening and Speaking Module. As they need to contact natives more frequently for the official work.


A lot of humour has spread about the exam and to be very honest with you it is not difficult to deal with. All you need is to prepare a little by devoting at least a month. The exam is conducted in two forms pen-paper and Computer driven. The cost for both the test is same but there is a minor difference in them which is the computer based IELTS is completed in one day in which you will get 40 mins for Listening module in which 4 modules are there, 1 hour for Reading in this three passages total comprising of 2500 words and 1 hour for writing with two essays. Additional 15 mins for speaking module which is further divided into 3 sections. Whereas, in pen-paper the test is divided into 2 days LWR is done on the same day whereas speaking can be done anytime one week before/after the exam date. In computer based exam the result is declared after one week of the exam whereas in pen-paper test the result is declared after two weeks of the exam. Once you have a valid IELTS Scorecard (TRF) with you then you need to check the Requirement of your desired university/college in which you want to apply for (In most of the cases that are overall 6.5 with no band less than 6).

Further steps will be covered in later posts.  

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