5 Brilliant Tips to Boost Productivity in Quarantine for Geeks


Billions of people worldwide are locked down in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Some of them are utilizing this time in productive manner, some of them are losing this time in idleness and some are confused in planning their activities. In a matter of days, majority of the work has gone virtual like, schools and college classes, jobs, and many more. But, majority of the people have much vacant time which they can use in a productive manner.

Through this article, I’d like to share some productivity tips anyone can perform rather, students or professionals to exploit the best amidst this quarantine. It can be inconvenient in the start but it’s time to reframe and concentrate on yourself.

Here are the pro tips:

1. Make A Plan
Wake up early and make a schedule or plan for the whole day with the priority of each event. Organize your schedule in a manner that won’t exhaust you and keeps your mind cheerful. Prioritizing the events will not flood upon the pressure and makes you more productive. Stick to that plan. Keep following the programme assuming yourself in school or in office. Avoid distractions and keep executing your schedule without any procrastination.

2. Learn A New Skill
In this interval of lockdown, don’t forget to add on a new skill. Else, you’ll be recalling this time to learn something new. It can be anything like learning new programming language, framework, technology, professional communication, etc. Try to devote some hours on this part too. Adding upon a new skill will also update your resume.


3. Continue Competitive Programming
Students and professionals, both requires good programming skills for developing good problem solving skills. Don’t let this lockdown downgrade your programming skills. Brush up your programming skills on online competitive programming platforms and try to solve a new question daily with higher precedence of difficulty.

4. Start Exercising And Meditating
This is the most important tip that should be followed to keep yourself productive anyday. Exercise and meditating helps in refreshing your mind and body, increasing your concentration and building more focus throughout the day. Using your computer or laptop, destroys your posture and leads to health problems. To overcome this problem, exercising 3-5 times a week is necessary. Be productive, but don’t let health problems ruin your profession.


5. Take Breaks
While working on your schedule, add some breaks for healthy environment. Take your meals on time. Adding shorter breaks, relaxes your mind and boosts your energy to complete the activities.

Get up and do it! Don’t procrastinate. This is the perfect time to reframe a better of yourself.

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